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Wear a Dress Everyday in D(ress)ember!

Jessica Rivera

December 1, 2013

Dressember is a month of dresses! Thousands of dresses are adorned around the globe during the month of December each year. Through Dressember, vital funds are raised for International Justice Mission, a human rights organization that works to combat human trafficking and end sexual slavery.

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  • Rhianna WeilertRhianna Weilert

    May I suggest choosing a less cold month to advocate wearing dresses every day of the month? Not everyone lives in California.

  • Alessandra RizzottiAlessandra Rizzotti

    This is a creative way to engage in a movement, like Movember. I do wish it was inclusive of men though, especially bec human trafficking applies to men too, not just women. It's interesting how Movember isn't really inclusive of women- but it is tied specifically to a men's health issue. Wonder if there's a way for men to get involved outside of funding through Dressember? Have men worn dresses in this campaign? Seems like it might make a statement, like this photo series that explores gender roles- but that's more of a statement on gender equality vs. trafficking:

    • Jessica RiveraJessica Rivera

      Not sure if guys have participated outside of advocacy and fundraising. Also you're right, the issue is not gender specific. But neither is the scope of IJM, the organization they are supporting. IJMIJM is a human rights organization that works to rescue victims of slavery, sexual exploitation, and other forms of violent oppression - regardless of race, gender, or religion. I'm proud to say I worked with them for 3 years right after college.