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Wear a Helmet When We Bike

Chris Marshall

July 31, 2013

A few weeks ago I was in a major bike crash. I am not calling it an accident because I don't believe in accidents. I crashed into the cement, head over handlebars, when an absent-minded pedestrian blindly walked out in front of my bike (while I was travelling at about 20 mph). I landed on my head, was taken to the hospital, and have spent the last 3 weeks recovering with a bad concussion and muscle tears in my arms. Had I not been wearing a helmet, the paramedic told me I could have died.

I was lucky - but my family, colleagues, and friends have had to pick up the slack caused by my inability to put on my clothes, bathe, do the dishes, change my baby's diapers, and do my work.

If you aren't wearing a helmet, you aren't thinking about the people who will step up to the plate when you go down. If you are not going to wear a helmet for yourself - you DO it for them, the people who will get the call from the stranger on the street that you are in the Hollywood Presbyterian ER.