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Amber Adrian


The world needs a lot of things. What it needs most is more love.

I don't have the equation that will help all of us feel more loved. But I do have pen and paper. Sometimes, when love feels farther away than ever, I write love notes.

After folding them carefully into squares, I leave my house and I wander my neighborhood, scattering love notes to the wind. And I feel lighter. Like love is closer, more possible. Like maybe it’s been in my hand, all this time.

Sure, the notes might blow away or disintegrate in the rain. They might fall, unnoticed, into a crack in the bricks to grow dusty. But my hope is that each one is found by the right person at the right time. That whoever finds that note feels a quick shot of light in their day, a small burst of love that was needed right at that moment.

Maybe finding love is as simple as transcribing whatever love you have to give onto paper and scattering it wherever you happen to be.

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