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  • Michael Del PonteMichael Del Ponte

    Wow! Never underestimate the kindness of strangers, that is what community is all about.

    • Code StartCode Start

      Agreed Michael! Its so cool to see so many giving and not looking for anything in return. That is the definition of a true and kind heart.

  • Matthew PhelpsMatthew Phelps

    Hopefully the goodness won't stop when the government starts back up.

  • Stef McDonaldStef McDonald

    This really got to me: "It's kind of in the blood of everyone you see out here—it's in my blood—community service, public service. It's kind of what we do," Scott Mathias told WRAL. "It's what you do every day in the office, and when you're not in the office, it's kind of hard to imagine what you should do other than help your community."