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100 Colors for the World to See


Consisting of over 840 sheets of paper representing 100 hues and tones of color, is this magical sensorial experience by Emmanuelle Moureaux that the whole world should see. The installation invites guests to sit below and view color in a unique almost cosmic perspective. The gallery also placed small examples of every color on display, around the installation for people to vote which color they like the most. 100 Colors is on display in Japan until September 29th.

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  • Adele PetersAdele Peters

    I'd love to see this. It looks like they're looking for a new venue after the Japan show is over...I wonder if I can find a place to suggest near me...

  • Casey CaploweCasey Caplowe

    As a devoted designboom fan, i saw this the other day and totally loved it. Such a simple, beautiful, executed idea.