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1000 memories acquired by Ancestry.com

Max Schorr

This is great. There is a total hole in my life for remembering the people who came before me - and it makes sense it should happen in a digital and user friendly way. This seems like a really smart partnership big/slow + small/lean, and I'm excited for Rudy Adler who contributed so much to GOOD in the early days. He's a real creative visionary, and I imagine the whole team will provide a great 21st century infusion to Ancestry.com. Here's hoping they have much success in this important work.

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  • Kevin Grose

    Personal histories that are not written down eventually disappear. Whether through paper and pen, computer file, photograph or film, tracking those people that went before us, and building awareness of this in the younger generation helps each person to feel anchored in a time, a place and a shared human experience. Ancestry.com carries a great responsibility.