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    Meng Mood Nancy Gershman jonphillips Chris Ross Andre Rosenthal Kajsa Johansson Lisa Griffith Alexandra Cho Kevin McCarthy


  • Jeff NelderJeff Nelder

    Angels in the architecture used to be the province of the architect- now, like other things post industrial, popularly, we are using the tools and culture given us to create our own rather than simply consume. Really cool how fine artists are inspired in so much more of a dimensional way.

  • Casey CaploweCasey Caplowe

    There are some really great pieces in here. Some, i'm less crazy about. But I do kinda love the clothespin in the earth.

  • Brian ArmstrongBrian Armstrong

    Amazing doesn't seem to be enough. That is the beauty of creativity and art. Language and words will never be enough to describe the emotion that can be evoked by the arts.