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    History seems to repeat itself. This reminds me of how street vendors are being policed in LA and how the immigration laws are still being debated. And, this is just a prime example of gentrification.

    "Sidewalk Ordinance of 1870: prohibits people who use poles to carry merchandise from walking on the sidewalk (non-Chinese used wagons and carts).

    Cubic Air Ordinance of 1871: requires all adults to have more than 500 cubic feet of living space (San Francisco’s Chinatown was severely overcrowded, and hundreds of Chinese were jailed for breaking this ordinance).

    Laundry Ordinances of 1873 and 1876: mandates high licensing fees from anyone who carried laundry without a horse-drawn wagon

    Then, finally, came the surprisingly bluntly named federal Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, which banned Chinese immigration. Chinese immigration to the U.S. dropped from 40,000 in 1881 to 10 — that’s right, ten — in 1887."