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$2,797 is going to Vine City beautification. Join hands and get dirty this Thanksgiving season!

Amanda Serfozo

From Creative Loafing:

"This fall, CL’s Do Good Campaign is teaming up with Adams’ nonprofit to create an outdoor gathering space for veterans, complete with seating and new plantings, including flowers and decorative grasses. Renovations will begin mid-fall and a volunteer day for planting is scheduled soon after the Thanksgiving holiday."

More info to come when events are announced!

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    • Amanda SerfozoAmanda Serfozo

      Alessandra, this is amazing! There are several venues around Atlanta that open up their spaces for community events, but I think making a push for this would be life-changing for many of our neighbors. I'm preparing to sign up for this event in the next few weeks, but I originally heard about it at an event called Gala at the Gate, hosted by the National Monuments Foundation. Investors and real estate developers all joining hands to help the disintegrated parts of town. I can't wait to take action – if you can help make a city block feel warm, safe and inviting, the rest has potential to fall into place.