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3 ways how you can help others when writing an ebook

Gisela Hausmann Author

Lots of people publish an ebook & every ebook author can help in three ways:
a. Help people, who look for the answers you already found
b. Donate money to a charitable organization, which has impressed you with their work
c. Keep telling the stories of good deeds to inspire others and help to make the world a better place.

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  • Gisela Hausmann AuthorGisela Hausmann Author

    I pulled my blog stats for this one and it was actually ........ About 3 times as many people from Malaysia were interested to read it, or one or more Malaysian person/s had shared with so many than Americans (scratching my head)... What happened?
    Malaysia 152
    United States 59
    Germany 1
    Italy 1
    Ukraine 1

  • Gisela Hausmann AuthorGisela Hausmann Author

    Unfortunately, Super Typhoon Haiyan is another reason, why there will always be a need, even should the world become a totally peaceful place :((

  • Alessandra RizzottiAlessandra Rizzotti

    I think collaborating with other writers is also a service you can offer. Editing/beta testing for e-authors can really help them shape their work.

    • Gisela Hausmann AuthorGisela Hausmann Author

      :) @Alessandra
      Thanks you for that reminder. Collaboration between authors is a great way to help other authors, especially if authors intent to approach international markets in countries with different customs and priorities.