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  • Jesse McDougallJesse McDougall

    Have faith! It matters. We should all follow Clinton's lead and believe that if given the option, people will use their brains. It feels better than fear.

  • Casey CaploweCasey Caplowe

    It baffles me that political platforms are not based on more historical looking data. I don't know why the state of the union isn't played out more with powerpoint. I think i might just want more Ross Perot in my politics.

    • Grant GarrisonGrant Garrison

      That's what was so powerful about what Clinton did at the DNC - he didn't let the idiot pundits dissuade him in advance from getting specific about "the scorecard" of jobs created under dem and GOP presidents. He has a special role in American politics though and an amazing rhetorical style so he can get away with that. Otherwise it's just partisans screaming at/over each other on cable - if only Stewart's takedown of Crossfire had done more than just hasten the end of that one example.