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    really encouraging. i got the ford cmax energi earlier in the year. i get about 25miles on the battery charge, and if i run out, it has a fossil combustion engine to go from there. given that my daily commute is less than 25miles roundtrip, I rarely need the gas, but it's hard to pass up that feature given I know not when I may need the extra distance. I think this reality is going to be a challenging one to the evolution of full electric. until charging can match the pace of fueling up, or until batteries reach a charge scale that carry beyond what any roadtrip journey could contemplate, I think people are going to be looking for the hybrid battery powered cars like CMAX and Volt. Not sure if that's the best thing for the path forward as it still keeps one foot in the fossil space, but I do think it makes the push away from fossils with greater pace and pragmatism than the full electric fleet, at least for this moment in time.