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  • Jody TurnerJody Turner

    My nature is more mellow and meditative and I somehow think I need to get the energy amped in order to accomplish. This really provided an enlightening point of view that makes me rethink and try a new approach. Great guidance!

    • Ernest BarbaricErnest Barbaric

      Hi Jody - thanks for the comment. I'm really glad you liked the read :) Check out "War of Art" - I think you may like it.

  • Alessandra RizzottiAlessandra Rizzotti

    Really great tips. I'm tied to my email all day and I love the idea of taking breaks and focusing on one thing. I particularly thought this was interesting: "In a recent study by UC Irvine, researchers attached heart rate monitors to office workers while also monitoring the programs they were using. It was found that people who checked e-mail frequently were consistently in a “high alert” state. They were less productive and experienced more stress, while those whose e-mail was disabled for 5 days had natural, variable heart rates and got more done."

    Going to look into the focus apps you suggested. I also thought the Focus Booster was weird- and for me, Pomodoro doesn't last long enough. I'd like Pomodoro if you could set longer increments.

    • Ernest BarbaricErnest Barbaric

      Hi Alessandra, thanks for the comment :)

      That study (and there's many others like it) really shows how e-mails and notifications in particular can affect our productivity, moods and I would argue cortisol response.

      The FocusBooster worked pretty well for me, for a while. Now I literally block off an hour or two to do work. Alternatively, with writing, I write until I reach 500 or 1000 words, whatever the goal I set for the day. Regardless of how long it takes.

        • Ernest BarbaricErnest Barbaric

          Not anymore... but it's a fight every time :)

          I read or listen to "War of Art" once in a while for a good kick in the pants.