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A 3D Printer for a Computer Clubhouse


Listo America (501c3 Non-profit organization) Computer Clubhouse de Santa Ana, a creative, after school non-profit educational program for young kids from underserved communities working with adult mentors and fellow kids to help develop and build confidence by learning STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

The Computer Clubhouse provides a safe haven for the kids after school to be with their friends, collaborating on projects together, doing homework and learning valuable skills.

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  • Alessandra Rizzotti

    This is so cool. Do you guys mainly focus on crowdfunding projects for ed tech? If so, you should fill out your profile with a pic and description about yourselves!

    • CrowdLocal

      Thanks so much Allessandra. for your feedback. Yes, we are a crowdfunding site focused on local projects and causes. Working on the profile changes now. :-) Please have a great weekend!

      • Alessandra Rizzotti

        Great! Glad to I can add you on Twitter now. One more tip: Add your logo for your profile pic :). Have a great weekend too!

        • CrowdLocal

          Ok, thanks! just did. . .We literally just went live yesterday. So thanks again for walking me through this. :-)