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A button to help solve 'wicked' problems!

Masafumi Hamada

Join us in making the world a better place!

&peace just started a public beta testing and the service lets you help good causes from anywhere on the web, all in a matter of seconds.

Whether you're reading an article about war, crimes, pollution, the arts or diabetes, you can use the Peace button to support a related charity or nonprofit organisation. All without leaving the page you're on, and it costs you nothing.

The easiest way to make a real difference!

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    • Masafumi HamadaMasafumi Hamada

      Thanks, Network4Africa!

      We're proactively searching large/small and international/local charities and list them in our system so they can receive donations without any efforts.

      If you're interested, drop us a mail at hello@andpeace.com then we'll check if your nonprofits (or ones you support) are included.

      It costs you absolutely nothing!