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A Clear Choice In This Election: Gas Prices


One candidate in this race has staffed his Administration with key officials committed to higher gas prices, expressed his own preference for higher gas prices, and pursued policies that have in fact delivered higher gas prices.

The other candidate has presented a comprehensive agenda that will create millions of jobs and bring enormous new supplies to the market by expanding energy production and partnering with our neighbors to facilitate access to their energy resources.

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  • camjackson591camjackson591

    I haven't figured out the "new" Good and am not so much of a fan. How do I make it to where I can only see what the Good staff is posting?

  • camjackson591camjackson591

    Seriously Good? In the few years I've been reading your site and magazine this is the first article I've been offended and disappointed by. Did you even read it? Some of the things it advocates are horrible environmental polices all the name of saving a few pennies on gas.

    • Maria RedinMaria Redin

      This is a link posted by community member not the staff of GOOD.