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A Coder Very Eloquently Questions the Real Value of His Job

Zachary Slobig

There's plenty of chatter bubbling up these days around the Silicon Valley froth—questioning just how much 'there' is there. Here's a really great (and long) first person essay from a very well paid coder, James Somers, taking a hard look at the relative value of what he and lots of other swaddled programmers are building these days.

"We’re not making the self-driving car. We’re not making a smarter pill bottle. Most of what we’re doing, in fact, is putting boxes on a page."

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  • Cachae Thomas

    Interesting... So why is it "assumed" that Guest Workers are sooo much better @ it? Look at how many Americans are unemployed in favor of Guest Workers, and I'll show you 10-Million/Skilled, supposedly "over-qualified"/Unemployed U.S. Citizens, versus 12-Million H1B Visa/Outsourced employees - chronicled in Red-White-Poor.com