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A Crash Course on Creativity

Bhavini Tanna

Creativity is objective and assessing it is not easy, however by following a few simple guidelines, one can produce creative outcomes. This lesson will expose you some memorable examples illustrating the creative process. The lesson has been inspired by Dr.Tina Seelig’s 'inGenius: A Crash Course on Creativity' (2012). Dr. Tina Seelig is the Executive Director for the Stanford Technology Ventures Program. Learn here The Innovation Engine, How to be imaginative and leveraging resources correctly.

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  • Anna BirrerAnna Birrer

    I took this class while being a full-time student at USC, and I had SO MUCH FUN doing it! Highly recommend. The activities are so interesting, and I still use some of the creativity techniques we learned now.

    • Bhavini TannaBhavini Tanna

      That great to know :) ! Its essential to foster creativity in our daily lives. As said by Albert Einstein - "Creativity is intelligence having fun."