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A Journey to the Center of the World

Heather Wetzler

2,600 acres in the middle of the desert near Yuma, Ariz., just off Interstate 8. At the north end, up an imposing staircase, sits the Church on the Hill at Felicity — inspired by a little white chapel in Brittany — that Istel built in 2007. -The pyramid is there to mark the exact center of the world. The center of the world could be in your pocket!” he told me. And yet, he has managed to make his center of the world the Official Center of the World: In May of 1985, Istel cajoled the Imperial Co

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  • Alessandra RizzottiAlessandra Rizzotti

    Fascinating! This man's determination is so unique. My cousin's boyfriend lives in Yuma and I had no idea that his interesting landmark was there! I just let her know about it.