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A simple idea can change a city - and there's a callout for yours!

Agus Echague

Wonder how tech can change a city? Go and ask the people!
Ideation Nation is asking US citizens to share their informed ideas about how to improve the ways peeps & governments work together.
From mobile payments for minor infractions to phone charging street furniture, from apps to find parking to apps to find best bike routes, the people are speaking up, and will be heard!
It's a killer mashup: ideas lab meets crowdsourcing meets civic duty.
Hell yeah.

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  • Ben GoldhirshBen Goldhirsh

    love this. I think Code For America is setting a pretty sweet bar for how folks can plug in and immediately drive big and tangible impact.

    • Jessica LowryJessica Lowry

      I agree, I'm so inspired by these types of civic-good products.