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  • Andrew Kangpan

    It's going to be awesome to see the types of enterprises that are going to be enabled by the growth in crowdfunding. It's definitely going to be a variable that is tied into the strategy of entrepreneurs moving into the future.

  • Hannah Wasserman

    I think it is interesting that this article is advocating for people staying at there day jobs. I've always felt like if you are actually going to be an entrepreneur you should jump in with both feet.

    • Rei Wang

      Keeping your day job is a great point.

      • Jen Chiou

        i think it would be a great follow-up to see what kinds of "day jobs" successful social entrepreneurs kept while they were starting up--- were they doing freelance projects that enabled them to have flexible work hours? were they working in the sector that their enterprise focuses on, so that they're learning about things that directly impact their enterprise? were they just doing the easiest / cushiest job possible so that they could get done quickly and go home to do their enterprise?