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Amazing Photo Series Shows the Absurdity of Outdated State Laws

Yasha Wallin

In California it's illegal to ride a bike in a swimming pool, in Alabama you can't carry an ice cream cone in your back pocket. Because legislation moves so slowly, there are still many absurd laws around the U.S. that we still have to abide. Photographer Olivia Locher learned about some of these outdated laws and created the "I Fought the Law" series, which provides the perfect way to visualize some very peculiar national absurdities.

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  • Alessandra RizzottiAlessandra Rizzotti

    This is such a creative way to expose the flaws in laws. I wonder what other photographers do work like this. Do you know of any?

    • Yasha WallinYasha Wallin

      I don't! I believe the photographer did the series while still in school, which means we'll probably be seeing a lot more innovative work from her in the future.