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American Islamophobia: "The Subway Ad that calls me Savage"

Aslan Media

While waiting for the train on the platform in a New York City station I always read the advertisements plastered on the walls. I don’t watch much television and these ads always update me on the newest movie releases, season premieres of television’s hottest primetime shows and NYC’s latest fashion trends. Starting this week, New Yorkers are in for something a bit out of the ordinary – in-your-face racism and the response to it.

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  • Lavanya MahendranLavanya Mahendran

    I agree that these ads are appalling, but the issue is difficult because of First Amendment protections. Do you think the best response is to pull the ads down because they're inflammatory, or launch a counter-campaign? Just curious. It'd be really awesome to create an amazing poster that was positive and unifying that we could then blanket the town with.