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An effective way to support your local non-profits with technology donations.


I was surprise to survey my home and learn that I had 3 functional computers (2 laptops and 1 desktop CPU only) that I had replaced with newer equipment and gave no thought to the old items. I just don't think I knew what to do with these items or if they had any value to anyone. Through a friend I learned about www.donatetechnology.com. I checked it out, found that there were organizations near me that need equipment and made an easy donation. I had no idea this equipment had such value.

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  • Brian BarrettBrian Barrett

    My name is Brian Barrett and I'm the Director of IT and Communications for the National Cristina Foundation. I designed and built DonateTechnology.com and am heartened to see that others are beginning to catch onto the site.

    Hi Jenna, I'm so glad you found http://DonateTechnology.com to be helpful!

    National Cristina Foundation has been linking donors to non-profit recipients for nearly 30 years now. We never charge for our services and our goal is to make the donation process as painless as possible for all involved.

    You can find charities, schools and public agencies right in your local community that are starving for technology... often times just like the stuff you might have collecting dust in your basement.

    As we say at DonateTechnology.com: Search your area, pick a worthy charity, donate. Simple.

    And thanks again!!

    Brian Barrett
    National Cristina Foundation

  • Jenna SauberJenna Sauber

    Oooh this is super helpful! Love it.