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Art-Reach Transforms the Creative and Social Landscape of Philadelphia

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If a people’s culture can be considered their birthright, as well it should be, and if there is no real debate as to the self-evidence of a people’s ownership of their own culture, then some may be alarmed to realize how dispossessed many of the people actually are of their birthright. The problem of inaccessibility of the arts extends well beyond the tripping bare of our public education system; it touches a wide array of subsets, and can follow them throughout their lives.

There is at least..

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  • mrodermanmroderman

    Thank you, Bessam and OMAAT.org for highlighting our work, and all of you here for recognizing its importance! Keep spreading the GOOD! --Art-Reach

  • Elizabeth OzoaElizabeth Ozoa

    Art-Reach is such an incredibly amazing organization. I'm so happy that they're starting to get the recognition that they deserve.