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Bamboo Bicycle Transportation System

Yasha Wallin

Conceived for users in developing countries, this utility bicycle attachment is constructed with as a minimal structure made out of natural materials, which are easy to find and possible to build by hand using simple tools. it has twelve containers that have been positioned symmetrically in order to use them as a stall in markets around villages.

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  • Monica KraegerMonica Kraeger

    Wow, can you say innovative. This is the perfect way to bring back bicycle messengers. In addition, this is an outlet for youth entrepreneurs who sell produce from their community farms. Check out millvillage farms which is a youth community gardening program that teaches kids how to grow and sell. If you wanted to extend the youth programs, teach them how to build these bikes and then how to sell them to other youth who are in programs such as millvillage farms.

    • Yasha WallinYasha Wallin

      Absolutely - great ideas on how keep the chain going and empower youth to use a tool like this to their advantage, and in turn help other youth. And thanks for the tip about Millvillage Farms, I looked it up and looks like they are doing amazing work: http://www.millvillagefarms.org/