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Banned: Those Adorable Front Yard Mini Libraries

Zachary Slobig

Not torn from the pages of the Onion: "The Little Free Libraries that have been heralded around the world for promoting literacy and cultivating a sense of community by sharing books with neighbors have come under restrictions in Whitefish Bay." The town's building inspector fears that the little book depots would become larger and "more obnoxious in their design."

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  • mark.gallagher.7927mark.gallagher.7927

    Yes, I'm sure larger pro-literacy displays could threaten property values in some neighborhoods. And what if your neighbors started giving away banned books? A scenario too horrible to contemplate. I wonder if Whitefish Bay will increase its funding of the local public library to compensate for the crackdown.

    • Zachary SlobigZachary Slobig

      Nothing guts property values like creative DIY literacy promotion, indeed. I'm guessing Whitefish Bay would also not take kindly to front yard farming.