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    Em Hyatt Matej Purger dwight Daniel Kinney-Spears Yasha Wallin Hannah Wasserman Hillary Newman Diana Ahrens


  • Hannah WassermanHannah Wasserman

    it's cool how many of these were invented by students-- ie the enable talk gloves, which are awwwesome.

  • Arthur GrauArthur Grau

    I like a lot of these, but not sure that I can say that a personal drone complete with a mini bomb should be in the same list as the civilization starter kit.... But all in all, a good list.

  • Hillary NewmanHillary Newman

    It's pretty amazing that all of these inventions came out this year. Reminds me how capable us humans can be.

  • Diana AhrensDiana Ahrens

    techpet? is that a joke? how that's on the same list as the civilization starter kit and curiosity rover is a little mind-boggling.