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Browse "Live Through This," a moving photo gallery of suicide survivors.

Kirsten Browning

"Live Through This" is a collection of portraits and stories of suicide attempt survivors, as told by those survivors. It strips the issue of anonymity and is the first known project of its kind, exploring a world that has remained a taboo for too long. The goal: to provide comfort to people considering it, insight to those who don't understand it, and catharsis for those who have lost someone to it.

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  • Dese'Rae L. StageDese'Rae L. Stage

    Thank you so much for sharing LTT, Kirsten. It's so important to me to get the word out, and it means the world that you're helping.

  • Erykah St.LouisErykah St.Louis

    Whoa. This is very brave and daring, also a very serious issue in our communities that we tend to shy away from discussing. Thanks for sharing Kirsten.