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Build a Sustainable Food Future by Investing in Bug Flour

Connor Link

A new energy bar from crowdfunded startup Chapul gets its protein from an unusual source -- crickets. Milled down to a flour, each bar contains the equivalent of about two to three crickets. A hard sell? Yeah, but the cricket harvest uses way, way less water per gram of protein than soy or whey, and offers omnivores and flexitarians a more responsible source of nourishment.

The bug food revolution *will* happen, people. Get your palates attuned -- or perish.

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  • Laura Kurtzberg

    It sounds promising :) People will probably get used to the idea it if it tastes good.

  • niftyness

    Heck, why not? ;)

    Insects/bugs are an excellent source of protein - and there are billions of them!

  • Yasha Wallin

    Wow. I don't know if I can do it, though I support the cause. In Thailand a common bar snack is deep fried grasshoppers and people seem to love them, so anything's possible.

    • Connor Link

      Agreed. We'll have to get rid of our cultural recognition of bugs as bad news. Even though we've lost a lot of respect for Earth's bounty -- we don't eat offal, we tax the soil with nitrogen, we mill the bejeezus out of grains -- there's still a remnant of reverence for the food on our plates. Nobody really reveres big ol' freaky bugs.

      • Dave Burdick

        Some friends of mine were Facebooking about bug flour snack samples that had arrived at their office. Sounded like the youngest were freaked out by them and the oldest weren't. I don't know if that adds anything useful here, but I thought it was interesting.