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Buy Nothing Until 2013

Emily Summerlin

"We are more than consumers". That right there says it all. It is especially important during the holiday months to remember that life isn't about things. Pointless crap doesn't show someone you love them; there are more meaningful, and less wasteful ways to get your feelings across to those you care about this season. Take the challenge and don't buy anything until 2013. Think you can do it? Let's see together!

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2 people think this is good

    pjfuzz Rachel Chaikof

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  • Emily SummerlinEmily Summerlin

    Funny you brought that up, right after I posted I saw this:


    which is a really good counter to the article I posted. I didn't think about the aspect of small business and artists, I guess I put a really negative connotation on "buying" and just associated it with the corporate consumerism that comes to mind with Black Friday. Considering your point and the above article I do wholeheartedly agree with "shopping consciously". But I personally do need to cut down on all my "stuff" so that part of my post still stands. Thanks for your input Rachel!

  • Rachel ChaikofRachel Chaikof

    It's a great idea, but avoiding to purchase unnecessary items is a very complex question. What about small businesses, artists and craft makers who earn all of their income through consumers? I would imagine that their biggest source of income comes from holiday season when people purchase gifts.