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Can Surfing Become The Greenest Biz Ever?

Richard Demato

My friends over at Sustainable Surf are changing the equation in the surf industry. You can head over to their launch party to "meet leaders of the surfing and green business worlds, see the future of high-performance eco-friendly surfboards, and discover how surfing and surfers can lead the world in environmental change." Also, check out their site to see how you can turn your leftover EPS foam (the stuff that kept your new TV safe in it's box) into a wave riding solution for positive change.

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  • Yasha WallinYasha Wallin

    Thanks for sharing this. And I love the idea behind Waste to Waves. Great idea to keep the foam out of a landfill and turn it into a surfboard. The link is: http://wastetowaves.org/ - it doesn't seem to be working on the site.