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Capturing the Backbone of the Skateboarding Community


Matt Alberts is a skate photographer who has just poured his life savings into traveling the country and capturing the heart and soul of what he calls "Lifers," or individuals who have dedicated themselves to the skateboard community. In order to do so, he has chosen an archaic photographic process to distill the raw, visual form of his subjects in order to give life to the backbone of the skateboarding community.

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  • Yasha Wallin

    I love this so much! Both the idea of capturing these "lifers" and the technique he's using to do it. I wonder if Matt has heard of Joni Sternbach's Surfland series, where she photographs surfers using "tintype": http://jonisternbach.com/gallery_surfers.html Seems like they would like each others work!

    • Alessandra Rizzotti

      I love seeing his process. The fact he's using such an old camera is wonderful. I wonder how he's able to capture movement well? Film this Trick, is there a place we can donate or help with his project?