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Hydrobee charges phones from flowing water in streams and rivers

Burt Hamner

The Hydrobee is the new thing in hydropower. Over 100 million people live without reliable electricity, along the shores of streams and rivers and lakes and oceans. Millions of them have phones and must pay local vendors to charge them. Where the water is moving fast, or where they sail in canoes, now they can get free clean renewable energy for USB power using this little turbine. The inventor is Kickstarting it and already has over 100 backers in a few days. Give them a thumbs up!

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  • James NorrisJames Norris

    I've seen it in person--very, very cool device!

  • pjmartypjmarty

    I was on a hike and started having chest pains. I had use up the power on my cell and wondered how I would make contact for help if things got worse. I was surrounded by running streams and if I had a Hydrobee I could of used it to power my cell. Lucky, I was able to get back but it made me think about what I needed to do just in case next time I would ever run out of power again somewhere were i really needed it. This product could be a god-send. Given the need in the world for inexpensive power for millions of people off the gird this will make a big difference. This product will change lives all over the world.

    • Alessandra RizzottiAlessandra Rizzotti

      Interesting how this could be useful for those living off the grid. Wondering though if it could be used with water from leaky faucets- vs turning on an outdoor faucet to power something? Does it need a certain amount of water pressure? If so, I think you should only be using recycled water.

  • Geoff McNeelyGeoff McNeely

    I'm so excited to get one of these from the KickStarter! When I go camping I can use these to keep LED lights powered, and charge my phone up before I go back on grid. Even at night! Love it! :)