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  • Evelyn Kim

    As a student majoring in Urban Studies, I appreciate visionary subway maps like this, because such maps cultivate an atmosphere of creative thinking by laying out the different forms that a public transit system could possibly take.

    • Shauna Nep

      Totally agree! Some of our greatest innovations were seen in movies, first.

      • Evelyn Kim

        No, I haven't seen those madeup subway maps for New Mexico before, but they definitely are interesting to look at and imagine for different places (in this situation, for Albuquerque)!

        I've seen this subway map that presents an alternative to NYC's current subway layout:http://www.newyorkboundbooks.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/vignelli-map-1972.jpg

        I'm actually not doing any projects related to civic design. What's interesting about the Urban Studies major here at Barnard College is that it doesn't have an urban planning or urban design slant. It's more interdisciplinary and based in the liberal arts, so you can take whatever approach you want to it. People who major in Urban Studies here also chose a concentration to go along with that major, and that concentration can be anything from Education to Architecture to Political Science (mine is sociology).

        I'm actually working on my senior thesis for Urban Studies right now-- I'm currently conducting research and writing about Chinatown in Lower Manhattan. More specifically, my research question is about how Chinatown residents make social connections and keep them.

        This topic is fascinating to me, because a lot of other subjects tie into this one-- for instance, whether you're a Chinese-speaking immigrant or a second-generation Chinese-American will affect who you develop strong social connections with. Cultural institutions, such as churches and museums (like the Museum of Chinese in America: http://www.mocanyc.org/) also influence this process.