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  • Connect GlobalConnect Global

    We like seeing this become less "trendy" and more a way of life! We need more places to follow suit!

  • Emily Pasnak-LapchickEmily Pasnak-Lapchick

    Chipotle has always been great at committing to sustainable business that is good for people and the planet. They also signed onto the Fair Food agreement so that tomato pickers would be paid more for their labor (they haven't had a raise in over 30 years!).

  • Stef McDonaldStef McDonald

    It's encouraging to see chains and bigger businesses take the lead here—restaurants as well as producers that are choosing to voluntarily label their products for the benefit of consumers. As a conscious consumer, I'm taking note.

  • Carolyn SamsCarolyn Sams

    It'll be interesting to see how the organic industry will grow and evolve to meet the needs of national restaurants and companies like Chipotle. A few years ago, when Wal-Mart decided to sell Stonyfield's organic yogurt, it made one of the most significant changes in the organic industry...more than all the collective power of natural food stores. Eager to see what continues to pan out.

  • Alessandra RizzottiAlessandra Rizzotti

    What's fascinating is that they can't technically ensure that GMOs are being removed from their products- especially because tortillas have the risk of being made out of GMO corn, and there's no guarantee that their meat isn't GMO corn-fed either.