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Coding for GOOD Update: Why We Stopped Recruiting and Started Teaching

Chelsea Spann

GOOD CEO, Ben Goldhirsh, writes about how business leaders should consider how making an investment in curriculum and teaching resources may better suit their hiring needs than conventional recruiting methods -- especially as the nature of the 21st century workforce continues to evolve. Read about what the next steps are on our popular program Coding for GOOD and what GOOD is doing next.

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  • Katie Richanbach

    As a graphic designer I am constantly tempted to learn how to code, but have trouble committing to it. Something like this makes it easier.

  • Omaat .org

    This is exactly the kind of approach businesses in all sectors need to be taking. If the private sector invested more in education we would producing mass amounts of happy skilled workers. Good stuff!

  • Cece Chou

    Coding for GOOD works great for training potential employees for good, and works even better for those who are interested in coding but are not going to spend too much on it, like me... I'm definitely going to try that out more often. Thanks for the great work