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  • Yasha WallinYasha Wallin

    This is so funny. I love working at coffee shops because I don't have the distractions of things to do at my house. The only distraction is the good kind: people watching.

    • salampursalampur

      Totally agree. Can do that for hours...

  • Lindsey SmithLindsey Smith

    What is your favorite coffee shop to be productive at? I love Starbucks!

    • salampursalampur

      There's a local one by my apt. Indian Road Cafe. They let you sit there for hours, and there's a park across the street so you can stare at the squirrels. In NYC that's a big deal. :)

  • Hannah WassermanHannah Wasserman

    This is so interesting! Have you tried it? Has it helped you be creative?

    • salampursalampur

      I gave this a shot yesterday and it was kind of awkward if not entertaining. I don't know if it helped my creativity more than just having my music on. I think one of the reasons I like coffee shops is that I can take my eyes off my laptop screen and people watch in order to let things absorb or mull things over.

      • Hannah WassermanHannah Wasserman

        Yea... that makes sense. I feel like the best thing about coffee shops is the environment. It makes you feel like you should be productive, you know?