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  • Adele Peters

    I love this project. The artists also painted murals on the alley walls...it's turned a forgotten and possibly dangerous place into somewhere that people have a reason to visit. It's too bad that it's just a year-long installation and not intended to last, but maybe they'll end up leaving the lights up (it reminds me a little of the lanterns in Chinatown in LA, which originally went up for a movie shoot but then stayed, becoming part of the neighborhood).

    • Casey Caplowe

      (Also, this as inspiration for projects people could do in their own neighborhoods, even residential ones, is amazing. I just passed this to some friends tonight where we've been talking about doing some neighborhood rebranding, and were thinking about where we could string lights across the street. You know, for when Neighbor Day hits.)

    • Casey Caplowe

      Huh. i had no idea about the lamps in chinatown. That's amazing. And i love those lamps.