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  • Max Schorr

    Great post, Erykah. Fascinating changes happening, and I totally agree with Baratunde about how frustrating it can be when someone asks in an email for you to do a lot of extra work, like asking for his SXSW schedule or something that can easily be googled. This happens to me fairly often and is also something that I sometimes do to others. We are on the same page, Erykah, because I just posted a DO on this topic for people to commit to honing their digital etiquette by being polite and respecting other people's time: http://www.good.is/posts/modern-etiquette-in-the-digital-age-be-polite-and-respect-other-people-s-time

    • Erykah St.Louis

      Max they say great minds think alike! Your post on living with less actually led me to this article, so thank YOU! Sometimes it's a challenge figuring out how to respond to people because on the one hand you don't want to be rude by saying "Uhh just google that" or "Please just text me instead" but on the other, you want to be efficient with your time. Digital has presented new rules of engagement...but unfortunately everyone isn't on the same page. I'll check out your DO thanks for sharing!