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Community Story of the Week: Reasons to Buy Local

Alan Salganik

[Infographic] This week we wanted to provide you with some of the economics behind buying local. The benefits of buying local outweigh buying from big box retailers. When spending $100 at a small local business vs. a large big box retailer, approximately three times the money stays within the local community! Check out the link below for the full post!

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  • John WynnJohn Wynn

    As a local retailer, spreading this message is essential to maintaining community-based businesses. In addition, we offer many other services to our community, we have focused our energies on creating community groups that focus on neighborhood issues, we are the dog-friendly store that has become the source for lost and found pets, in the morning regulars meet daily and chat about anything and everything, and we have become an important source of information for our CDC and City Council member, to name but a few. Local products and businesses are an integral part of maintaining a sense of community...thanks for spreading the word.