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Companies Seeing Green: Sustainable Business Practices Yielding Profits


Companies have long been focused on maximizing profits, but now businesses advancing sustainability AND profitable growth is the way of the future. Although it may take some time before everyone hops on the bandwagon, it is promising to see the progress of these institutions towards a brighter and more profitable future.

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  • Mayer Dahan

    Thank you for sharing.

    Sustainability is something that I truly value and I notice how much this value benefits my own business. I build homes from the ground up and ensure that they're built with eco friendly and sustainable elements. I notice a huge difference within the neighborhood and the people who live in it and it's honestly done so well for my business!

    Once again thank you for sharing.

    -Mayer Dahan

    • EllaLoo

      I am very glad to see this post. Thank you for including it. Part of the challenge this world faces now is how to build healthy economies without depleting ecological or human resources, and it MUST happen from within the current system (as well as from outside it, but that's not as pertinent to this article). If you are a business owner, a entrepreneur or just working to pay the bills: please explore your local education system. There are likely resources that you can tap in order to increase the efficiency of your business. If not, check this out: sustainable.colorado.edu. It's online. Disclaimer: I have been involved in this program previously, but that means I know the genuine value, right?!

      Again, thanks for the post!