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Connecting with your creative side through sleep

Anthony Ware

I'm fascinated by all that we don't understand about our consciousness. How can we process so much yet know so little? This article sheds light on a study on sleep and improving creativity. More specific, it's focused on illustrating the power of sleep to foster unusual connections, or “remote associates” as psychologists call them.

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  • titleboxinghilliardtitleboxinghilliard

    It's crazy what science can uncover, and yes I too would like to see them find a way to record it.

  • Alessandra RizzottiAlessandra Rizzotti

    I love the idea of our brains making more connections when we sleep. I just wonder if there is a way to record those connections if we want to!

    • Anthony WareAnthony Ware

      I bet there's are researchers trying to figure out the recording. Only a matter of time before they do. It may be a long time but it will happen.

  • Jessica RiveraJessica Rivera

    This is super fascinating. During our recent exchange in Cape Town, we heard a brilliant presentation on the neuroscience of innovation - one of the points the doctor made was that our most innovative hours occur while we are deep in sleep! Love this stuff.

    • Anthony WareAnthony Ware

      Very cool. Who gave the presentation? Would love to read their work. I love that for all we know, we are just scratching the surface of neuroscience.