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  • Doris YeeDoris Yee

    I'll admit I've never even considered or heard the term "post-commericialism". But it's been heard before that intent on buying will no longer be tied to the materialization of one's wealth but by what he or she supports and values. (This line from the article is valid but the statement couldn't be more cheesy: "That's why it's time for the communications industry to stop helping our clients talk the talk and start helping them walk the walk.")

  • Casey CaploweCasey Caplowe

    "In short: The eastern world is rapidly becoming commercial, while the western world is entering post-commercialism. And it's tempting to draw up the Bell Curve of commercialism - logo size is growing in the east and shrinking in the west; i.e. growing in the early phases of commercialism and shrinking in the later ones. "

    Super interesting...