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    Faridou Bonisseur de La-Bath Lindsay Farrell Daniela Cadena singaravelu Matsuura Tomoya Eduardo Valles Stef McDonald Leah Russo Laura Kurtzberg


  • Isis KrauseIsis Krause

    This reminds me of the new Green dot parklet in Silver Lake.

  • Rahul JaniRahul Jani

    I was charting out a neighbourhood integration scheme of my own. This gave me some great ideas. Brilliant :D

  • Anna SilvermanAnna Silverman

    I like how they integrated the diverse cultural make-up of the neighborhood.

  • Dan RobertsDan Roberts

    Was in Norrebro this summer - a great place (as is Copenhagen generally). Don't know how i missed this though!

  • Hannah WassermanHannah Wasserman

    I like the two person chair swing things! I gotta get me one of those!

  • Hillary NewmanHillary Newman

    Beautiful! I love how colorful the park is.