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Creative Reuse in Fine Art: Bill Haskell


Bill Haskell fashions logs and wood blocks into fine, lathe-turned works of art. Since his early years, Bill has had a keen interest in creative expression. He has pursued many mediums, including silver jewelry & metal sculpture, but mainly wood.

"Whenever possible, I like to use reclaimed urban trees that had to be removed for one reason or another. Using those trees to create unique & beautiful pieces of art is far better than seeing the fallen tree hauled off to the chipper."

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  • GreenLifeGalGreenLifeGal

    I'm a little biased when it comes to Bill Haskell's woodturning, since I've had the pleasure as his daughter of watching him grow as an artist through the years. His creativity has inspired me in so many ways. His artistic talent is a major influence in my own journey as an emerging artist. I have to say, all that aside, his woodturning is absolutely stunning and I'd love it even if he wasn't my Dad.