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Crowdfunding is far from a fad, it's growing and thank god

Grant Garrison

Crowdfunding scares elites who have enjoyed controlling the purse strings of institutions we may no longer need, so they scream "fad!" or "what does the public know?!". Our reaction should be "awesome!" because elites can be as wrong as the rest of us (maybe more?) and we need LOTS more public engagement in critical social challenges.

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  • Robert YurukiRobert Yuruki

    The crowd funding program is a positive tool and I'm glad it was adopted, however, my efforts failed miserably on Indie and got very frustrated regarding their website. Their "choice" of all or nothing, OR whatever you collect maybe the wrong way to go. My friends and family of course donated, but got no response from their community. I now feel terrible about asking my connections to donate. They kept over 13% and if you look at their site, there are over 100 pages of projects that have already ended. My was lost, and got no support from them.