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Crowdsourcing a Translation for 'Arbejdsglaede'

Jonny Miller

I'm writing a post for our Blog on 'Arbejdsglaede'—an impossible to pronounce Scandanavian word which means 'love your work' and reaching out to entrepreneurs and others who seem to be passionate about what they do. If you have a spare moment could you click on the link below and send me 3 different words describing how you (generally) feel on a Monday morning. When we hit 1000 words we'll turn them all into a beautiful 'Translating Arbejdsglaede' typographic poster! Thanks in advance ;)

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  • Tippy TippensTippy Tippens

    I love this project & the word 'Arbejdsglaede'! Fun to say : )

    Submitted my three words/phrase that I say to myself on Monday and regularly - 'There's always today!' A cab driver in SF from India said it during a conversation & it stuck with me.

    • Jonny MillerJonny Miller

      Thanks Tippy - arbejdsglaede doesn't exactly roll off the tongue but definitely good fun to try and pronounce ;) I love 'There's always today' as well but unfortunately we really need three individual/different words so that we can organise them at the end when we make the typographic poster. It's totally my fault for not being more clear in the description but is there any chance you could send us three more words? Thanks!

      • Tippy TippensTippy Tippens

        Thank you & sorry for misunderstanding. Sure thing I can re-submit... my new 3 will be optimistic, determined, & excited.

        My mom is dutch so i'm a little used to words with j's next to vowels ; ) I made up a pronunciation since I don't know scandinavian - is ar-bates-ye-glah-de anywhere near?

        Cheers & excited to see the poster!

        • Jonny MillerJonny Miller

          Awesome thanks so much... and I think that pronunciation is close! (the Dutch equivalent I believe is 'arbeidsvreugde') We're looking forward to making the poster as well ;)

  • Alessandra RizzottiAlessandra Rizzotti

    Mine were recharged, engaged, and hopeful. But I also think challenged is a good one.

    • Jonny MillerJonny Miller

      Thanks! I agree choosing only 3 is tough but still it's good to have a creative constraint sometimes ;)

  • Stef McDonaldStef McDonald

    I kinda liked that I submitted my words through the form and pushed them out to the universe.... but what the heck, I'll go ahead and share them: refreshed, poised, excited.

    • Jonny MillerJonny Miller

      Cheers Stef! (mine were 'ready', 'curious' and 'excited') It has been a lot of fun watching the submissions come through and we've been getting some really thoughtful messages in the 'additional comments' too.

        • Casey CaploweCasey Caplowe

          It depends on the monday. Sometimes its those. Sometimes its not quite as sunny.

          • Hillary NewmanHillary Newman

            Actually -- how I feel on Sunday nights/Monday mornings has been a test for me for years now. I know when I regularly start dreading Sunday nights/Monday mornings, something has got to change. Hopefully, you're having more positive Mondays than negative ones.

            • Tippy TippensTippy Tippens

              Totally agree, if dread starts happening is a signal for a need to change.

            • Jonny MillerJonny Miller

              I totally agree Hilary, a friend of mine said almost exactly the same words to me and this is where the inspiration for the project came from in the first place ;)

    • Jonny MillerJonny Miller

      Thanks Hilary, really appreciate it! It seems to me that if working @GOODHQ doesn't fill a person with optimism and inspiration I'm not quite sure where would ;)