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Curiosity Finds A Bright Particle Native to Mars

Alessandra Rizzotti

Curiosity has been exploring the Rocknest area of Mars, scooping up dirt which seems to be containing bright particles and plastic-like materials. At first scientists thought the particles were from Curiosity, but now it seems they are Martian in origin. CheMin, the rover's Chemistry and Mineralogy instrument, will be testing the materials.

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    Its probably not gold {Gold is decayed organic material compounded with pressure in theory, possibly from million-year old plants} but could be a mineral of some sort or more importantly a metal-ore. Not all metal requires organic material.

    Its really fascinating to NASA. Simply, because Earth is running out of resources like metals... Sure we can recycle things but as metal is recycled -- The strength and mass become weaker and decay faster.
    At first NASA had only seen the silica and clay potential of MARS. Them finding a gem on Mars opens up new possibilities.

    Not only is metal important, but finding this rare mineral has more then just resources applicable to it -- The alien-mineral can also explain whats inside of mars soil... Finding a gem can tell you history of a planet ... Can tell you the BIOLOGY of the planet.

    It is very fascinating for the rover find to come across this on THE PLANET Surface... How it got there could have been ejected from a volcanic vent or could have been pushed out of ground from another seismic-event.

    Hopefully governments find it important and see it more then just a `shiny rock... Every country on the planet knows we need more resources... But sometimes money is too important. Yet we can not sit around and wait for resources to dry up before trying to go for these things.