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    Carolyn Sams Allison Le Hillary Newman Tyler Bonilla


  • Carolyn SamsCarolyn Sams

    This is incredible, and feels like the start of something that breaks down the cold, lonely barrier of watching videos online.

    • Matthew ManosMatthew Manos

      very true - also the barriers of emotion in general. Her earlier research was on suicide prevention. I think that is an interesting thing to understand as context for this project - if there are more outlets for showing public signs of "crying," things aren't kept as bottled up, and people will be more comfortable with themselves in general.

  • Tyler BonillaTyler Bonilla

    Why am I so intrigued by this?

    • Matthew ManosMatthew Manos

      I think there is just something really beautiful about creating a tool to allow users to cry - it so much more human than a "thumbs up," ya know?